Why Point-to-Point Integrations Are Evil


Salesforce has been growing at 30% year over year. In order to grow at this rate while supporting the business, IT has had to make compromises. Many of these compromises have been to defer infrastructure and architectural investments to a later date. Unfortunately, over time, IT will become the bottleneck or worse, the blocker for the company to deliver services to our customers. The diagram below depicts a representation of the current state of the P2P integrations within Salesforce. Unfortunately, at the time of the post, this is the internal infrastructure that the company relies on to run a multi-billion dollar a year business.


Data Integration Technology Selection Considerations


The purpose of this document is to help guide and inform IT project teams to the correct integration platform for projects. Note that this is only a guide, as there can be multiple options based on the integration activities. Use the matrix in this document in conjunction with input from the Enterprise Architecture Review Board (EARB) to select the appropriate technology.