3 Keys to Merging Agile, DevOps & Staff Augmentation

How do you enable an IT organization to support a fast-growing technology company while also building a scalable delivery organization that will last? This was a question asked to me recently and I thought I’d share some of my learnings that I’ve faced for decades now while working with development and management teams at large,… View details.

The Programmable Enterprise

Salesforce continues to grow at a 30% rate year-over-year. As a result, our data silos continue to increase across the company. This is especially true when companies are acquired and incorporated into the overall Salesforce ecosystem. In order to continue to support a $20B dollar company by the year 2020, our internal data integration infrastructure and… View details.

Leadership Philosophy

The other day I was asked to give a presentation on my philosophy on leadership. I’ve been managing people and projects for quite some time and have a track record producing results, so naturally I thought this would be a great opportunity. “Heck,” I said to myself, “I’ve made some great hires and coached a… View details.