How To Make Salesforce Dashboards A Reality With Your Key Users

A dashboard is a collection of components that graphically displays your custom report data and gives you a snapshot of key metrics and performance indicators. Dashboards allow users to consume large amounts of information in a simple, easy to understand, graphical view. Research has shown that our brain can interpret graphical representations of data, such as graphs… View details.

A Beginner’s Guide To Salesforce Reports

One of the top reasons companies purchase’s CRM Cloud is to derive clear quantitative metrics on their business. Reports in Salesforce are lists, summaries, and analyses of your data, which you can display on screen or print. They consist of a set of data that can be filtered, grouped, and displayed in a customizable… View details.

We Don’t Need No Stinking Training!

You might be surprised to learn how many companies start training their employees on without determining their long-term training strategy. Training is so crucial to user adoption. To increase adoption, you must be able to provide training to employees in a way that involves them intimately with your implementation strategy.

How Many Salesforce Administrators Does My Company Need?

How many Salesforce Administrators does your company need to employ? How do you make that decision? These are common questions I hear from friends and colleagues that are using or evaluating Salesforce. So let’s take a look at the two most important things your company should consider: staffing and capacity considerations.

How To Manage Your Salesforce Change Management Program

Change Management is the very necessary process that your company uses to ensure growth without chaos. With Salesforce, change could result from any number of things, such as: organizational changes, business process changes, adding or removing processes, modeling modifications, new Salesforce releases, introduction of new custom applications, or integrations. Whatever causes the need for change,… View details.

How To Measure Your Users’ Salesforce Adoption Rate

Measuring user adoption is key to the success of your Salesforce implementation. Otherwise, how do you know if users are really getting the most from the Salesforce application? It is also a good indicator of the effectiveness of your Salesforce deployment and provides insight into how the application is being used.

Why Executive Sponsorship Is Key For Salesforce Implementations

Whether your company is small or large, I can’t stress the need for an executive sponsor enough. The executive sponsor is typically the person who takes the lead on a specific Salesforce initiative, such as the sales strategy, and is often the key beneficiary of the resulting ROI.

Salesforce HTML Email Tracking Explained

One feature that a lot of Salesforce users love to use is the Tracking HTML Email feature. It’s a powerful tool that can help sales and sales development professionals understand if they’re reaching their target audience effectively. Unfortunately, this simple tool can cause a lot of head scratching if not properly understood.

Where To Find Those Salesforce Stock Images

Ever wonder where those stock images are located that uses in its advanced formula examples? You know, the image of rating stars or the cool flag icons used within fields to visual highlight the status. Still not sure? Then here is an example. When I want to use these icons I can never seem… View details.