How To Make Salesforce Dashboards A Reality With Your Key Users

A dashboard is a collection of components that graphically displays your custom report data and gives you a snapshot of key metrics and performance indicators. Dashboards allow users to consume large amounts of information in a simple, easy to understand, graphical view. Research has shown that our brain can interpret graphical representations of data, such as graphs and charts, much more easily than large rows and columns of data.


How To Manage Your Salesforce Change Management Program

Change Management is the very necessary process that your company uses to ensure growth without chaos. With Salesforce, change could result from any number of things, such as: organizational changes, business process changes, adding or removing processes, modeling modifications, new Salesforce releases, introduction of new custom applications, or integrations. Whatever causes the need for change, the change must be managed through the process of change management. Your Salesforce Administrators need to identify, prioritize, assign, execute, and communicate change to your employees to ensure orderly success.


Leadership Philosophy


The other day I was asked to give a presentation on my philosophy on leadership. I’ve been managing people and projects for quite some time and have a track record producing results, so naturally I thought this would be a great opportunity. “Heck,” I said to myself, “I’ve made some great hires and coached a lot of people to be top producers. This should be a cinch.” Shortly after accepting, I quickly began to jot down my ideas that would be relevant to the topic at hand and that I could use to form my presentation outline.